Mahmutbey, Bağcılar/İstanbul

Our services for air freight from Turkey

We meet all your requests and needs for air freight from Turkey

For anyone looking for air freight companies in Turkey, Next Group provides all air freight services:

  • Our air freight provides comprehensive coverage to almost anywhere in the world; You can ship from Turkey to any country.
  • We offer tailored packages for complex shipping requirements.
  • You can track your shipment at any time using the tracking number provided to you immediately after we prepare your shipment for air shipment.
  • We have air express service, door to door delivery and shipping time is 24 hours within the same continent, 48-72 for most countries. This increases the time period for shipping from Turkey to the Arab countries.
  • We prepare the air freight documents necessary for the successful progress of the shipping process.
  • Air freight insurance service is available upon customer request.
  • We have air freight packaging service available.
  • We can ship some flammable hazardous materials by air after issuing their certificates and by a trained team for that.
  • Carrying out customs clearance procedures at the airport and informing the customer first of the developments and condition of the goods.
  • Extensive relationship with the best airlines, to provide you with air freight service from airport to airport for your commercial goods.

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Air freight is the fastest solution for time sensitive shipments
Comprehensive coverage that reaches almost anywhere in the world
Air freight is mainly used to transport high-value cargo
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