Mahmutbey, Bağcılar/İstanbul

Our Services For Land Freight From Turkey

Over the past years, Next Group has shipped many land shipments and met customers' requests and their need for land shipments from Turkey

For anyone looking for land freight companies in Turkey, Next Group provides all services related to land freight:

  • Quickly provide you with the most suitable land freight rates from Turkey to any country
  • Customized solutions for your shipping requirements
  • Warehousing service is available to store your goods when needed and collect purchases for the time of dispatch
  • Packaging for your goods
  • Preparing the necessary documents for a successful and easy shipping process
  • Our long experience in land freight from Turkey to many countries: shipping from Turkey to Iraq, shipping from Turkey to European countries
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    Next Group in Turkey

    Advantages of land freight

    Relatively low shipping cost.
    Extensive road networks, your shipment can easily reach anywhere you want.
    You can schedule the shipping date to suit you.
    24/7 Online Support

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