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acacia gum Arabic

acacia gum Arabic

Acacia Gum Arabic in Sudan is the mainstay of Sudanese trade

The Sudanese gum arabic is one of the most famous crops in Sudan in the world, as vast lands have been allocated for its cultivation, especially in the western part of Sudan.
Sudan occupies the largest proportion of the production of gum arabic, estimated at about 85% of production in the world.

Sudanese gum arabic is free of toxins
Gum arabic is extracted from acacia trees, which live for 35 years, and secrete a sticky substance with a beige-white color that has no smell or taste.
American studies have proven that the gum arabic produced by Sudan is free of toxins, and it has been approved by the US Food and Drug Board since 1974 for use in many industries and foods. Therefore, Sudanese gum arabic exports increased.

The uses of gum arabic
Sudanese gum arabic is used in many industries thanks to its distinctive chemical composition, and among those industries:

  • Manufacture of some drugs and medical medicines
  • Textile industry
  • Manufacturing some foods and sweets
    Soft drink industry
    Industrial oils industry
  • Cosmetic industry

Types of gum arabic
There are many types of gum arabic, which are used in many industries, and these types:

  • Gum hashab story
  • Cleansing gum
  • Gum hashab purity
  • Precision hash gum
  • Gum granules
  • Gum Talha dirt
  • Al-Talha Al-Saftan gum
  • Dry gum powder
  • Gum Talha
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